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At least 10% of the Lebanese population of 6 millions suffers from some type of disability. Persons with disabilities, especially women, are at high risk of abuse, exploitation, discrimination and exclusion. In Lebanon, these risks are exacerbated by protracted emergency settings and insufficient targeted interventions, making this segment of society one of the most vulnerable in the country.  Due to wars, lack of resources, corruption and ill organization in Lebanon, the services of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs have been insufficient to cater to the large number of people in need.  Al Amal Institute for the Disabled fills this gap by taking under its care Lebanon’s most vulnerable segment of the population. 

It costs us a minimum of US$80/day to maintain each of our residents with special needs. This amount goes to cover medications and doctors, room and board, and care. The Ministries of Health and Social Affairs contribute $30/day. Parents make only small contributions as most of them are economically disadvantaged.  In the past, some parents had placed their child with us and then disappeared, giving us their wrong address.  For this reason, we visit parents before we accept anyone and insist that families do make a small contribution as a way to foster a sense of responsibility toward their child.

However, there are times when funding isn’t received on time. Nonetheless, we must continue administering our care, including medications, consistently. This is especially critical for those residents who require more intensive attention and medical care. If we skip administering their medication due to lack of funds, they may suffer serious repercussions. That's why it is so important for us to be able to guarantee seamless care to all our kids. Your generosity makes a big difference in the life of a disabled person. On behalf of our kids and their families, we thank you for considering becoming a sponsor.

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