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Your donation supports our disabled residents and farmers and the production of our Sweater & Wheat Relief Packages. Administrative cost is only 7% of all donations we receive. Each Packages is  worth US$100 and contains: 1 sweater; a yearly individual consumption of 15 kg of crops; locally made soap for hygiene.  We personally deliver our Sweater & Wheat Relief Packages to a list of 69 other Lebanese NGOs serving 23,000 marginalized people across Lebanon as "a gift from a person with special needs to a person in need". Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated! 

We encourage volunteerism to promote public awareness and civic engagements favoring attitude change towards disabled people.

During the school year, 10 to 15 high schools students from 4 different schools regularly volunteer in our activities every week.

We also have many volunteers join us to help with our annual events such as the Welfare Wheat Race and the Welfare Wheat Festival.

To volunteer with us, please fill out our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION and email us

We have a call center that reaches out to all Lebanese citizens year-round, through which we offer Home Packages for sale. It’s comprised of 1 Kg of each of the 5 types of grains our farmers produce. We deliver this bag to our customers' doorstep. Also, the crops are packaged in a nicely designed reusable textile material also sewn at Al Amal Institute. This product promotes the social integration of people with disabilities. 


If you wish to gift our Home Package to someone in Lebanon, please PLACE YOUR ORDER.

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