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We encourage volunteerism and hold various events to promote the social integration of people with special needs and to raise awareness in our society.  We especially involve school students to teach them about the importance of one's role in improving the quality of life of those in need, and about the responsibility we each have towards solidarity and community service.

Events at our Center

During the school year, 10 to 15 high-schools students from 4 different schools regularly volunteer in our activities every week. 

Among the private events we hold, our residents enjoy annual Christmas, Easter, and Mother's day celebrations.  We also receive weekly visits by students from various schools who usually come to celebrate one of our resident's birthday in a warm and fun atmosphere. They exchange gifts, play sports (such as basketball), engage in theater performances, go for hikes in the forests of Broumana, and so on. 

The Annual Welfare Wheat Race

Our public events are those that include a larger crowd. One of them is our Annual Welfare Wheat Race which we hold every Spring in Broumana. 


As an outcome of our annual "Awareness and Acceptance Program" created with a view to promote exchange visits with typical school students, we celebrate our "Annual Welfare Wheat Race". At this time, usually over 600 students between 9-18 years of age join our race. Hundreds of volunteers join us to assist with the preparations for the event and to oversee all the roads marked for the race.


The Annual Welfare Wheat Festival

Since 2002, every summer in July, we hold our "Annual Welfare Wheat Summer Festival” in the village of Arnoun, in South of Lebanon. 


During the event, we bring together our disabled farmers and residents, various schools, and volunteers to take part in the plantation and harvesting of the crops, and to enjoy various other cultural and social events and activities. At this time, a total of approximately 100 volunteers join us to help in the planning and implementation of the festival’s social activities.


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