Sweater & Wheat Relief Program

We are the only NGO in the Middle East that not only cares for the disabled but also reaches thousands of Lebanon's most marginalized populations every year. We supply our Sweater & Wheat Relief Packages to a national network of 69 other NGOs that serve 23,000 individuals in needs...| READ MORE |

Award Winner

Starting with its founder Mrs. Mounira El Solh, throughout the years, Al Amal Institute for the Disabled has earned many Awards. These include: the "Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Mother's Leadership Award 2000-2005"; the "National Order of the Cedar Award 2000", Lebanon's highest and most prestigious decoration awarded by the President of the Lebanese Republic; the "Special Distinction Award 1972" by Rehabilitation International; the "Public Health Medal Award 1974", awarded by the President of the Republic of Lebanon; and others...| READ MORE |

How You Can Help

Give a helping hand; a small contribution can make a big difference in someone's life today...| READ MORE |

Report from the Executive Director, Mr. Nassib  El Solh

 Ever since its creation by late Mrs. Mounira Solh in, Al Amal Institute continues to focus on the integration of people with Special needs through its programs and daily agenda set up at its center and premises by lodging 40 people with special needs, providing them with a honorable life, work and bringing them to the level of production whereas they become part of the economic wheel by producing the Winter sweater and packaging the welfare crops which are the core of our “Sweater and Wheat” Relief program that benefits thousands of refugee families across Lebanon.We also reiterate the social impact of the program especially that refugees receiving these packages know that these packages have been produced by people with special needs and in return this itself shows that people with disabilities are capable of manufacturing and producing something that would benefit the needy, all of this wouldn’t be possible

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